Peace and Sport International Forum 2022

PEACE AND SPORT  International Forum

The Peace and Sport International Forum has become a major event on the international stage. Over the years, it has brought together the highest representatives from governments, the international sports movement, international organizations, civil-society and the private sector who are involved in peace-through-sport actions, or willing to carry them out. This year for the 13th edition of the event, in a context marked by the resurgence of international conflicts, we would like to emphasize the importance of continuing the dynamic initiated over the last two decades and to generalize the use of sport as a vector for peace at all levels of society. The main objectives of the event will be sharing knowledge, promoting best practices, diversifying partnerships and, above all, developing concrete solutions. Everyone has a role to play. Sport is an answer!
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Volunteers on stage
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38% Western Europe
7% Eastern Europ
23% Africa
13% Middle East
9% Asia
5% North America
4% South America