Peace and Sport International Forum 2022

Le Sport a du coeur


The association Le Sport a du Cœur is behind a unique and unprecedented artistic project: more than 100 French athletes, numerous artistic personalities as well as His Majesty Prince Albert of Monaco have joined forces with the painter Caroline Faindt, to create a painting for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Étoiles du Sport in 2021. The Parisian painter, whose contemporary paintings have already joined collections in many countries, has donated her talents to transform everyone's participation into a collective work of art. The athletes who participated in this artistic and collaborative project are among the best: around 30 gold medalists at the French Championships, the European Championships, and the World Championships, a dozen gold medalists at the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games as well. This large-scale canvas (2 m long and 1.2 m high), signed on the back by each of the champions, symbolizes solidarity, the pillar of the association Le Sport a du Coeur: the solidarity of those who shine at the service of those who are in difficulty, precariousness, isolation. An emotional, lively, innovative and unique work extended beyond its physical existence with a 100% Web AR (Augmented Reality) technology that allows the viewer to scan the physical piece with a smartphone or a tablet and to make appear in superimposition the film that explains its history