Peace and Sport International Forum 2022

Principality of Monaco

"Sport is an answer for Peace"

2022 FORUM
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The Peace and Sport International Forum is a unique platform for exchange and the promotion of good practices. It generates concrete solutions and stimulates new collaborations to intensify the use of sport as a lever for peace. Relive the best moments of the 2022 edition!


"Sport is an answer for peace"

Peace is not the absence of war: peace can be taught, learned, and transmitted. It is a balance that allows people to live together, accepting each other's differences. In its neutrality, fairness, and universality, sport is a formidable vehicle for dialogue to promote peaceful coexistence and represents a powerful lever for building a culture of peace. Since the creation of Peace and Sport in 2007, the recognition of the role of sport in maximizing peace has been recognized. The last few years have been rich in examples and initiatives that have helped to provide solutions. However, as the resurgence of international conflicts characterizes the 2022 global context, it is necessary to recall the contribution of Sport to conflict prevention, resolution processes and post-conflict reconciliation. Under the theme "Sport is an answer for peace", the 13th International Peace and Sport Forum will bring together world experts to present how sport can respond to conflicts and divisions worldwide. On this occasion, we will share measures that can be put in place to develop impactful field programs and support peace educators' professionalization in using sport as a tool for peaceful coexistence. Capacity building, pedagogical support, program monitoring and evaluation, and an integrated approach are key elements to strengthen the development of sport as a tool for peace.

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BROAD DEFINITIONS The culture of peace is a set of values, attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles that inspire social interaction, avoid violence and prevent conflict, focusing on dialogue and negotiation between individuals, groups, and states (UN Resolution A/RES/52/13). Sport for peace refers to the intentional use of sport to achieve specific objectives to build a culture of peace through transmitting values, attitudes, and behaviors that inspire social interaction and sharing. Peace and Sport is a neutral and independent organization based in Monaco since its creation in 2007, which has been promoting the building of peaceful, inclusive, and equitable communities through the power of sport and the values it conveys. Using a bottom-up approach based on its experience and the reality of actors on the ground, Peace and Sport proposes solutions adapted to the challenges encountered at the community level to build high-impact programs that use sport to build a culture of peace. As a partner of leading international organizations and sports institutions, Peace and Sport carries out its actions with the support of the Champions for Peace Club, which brings together more than 115 high-level athletes. Based on its expertise and the feedback received from field programs leaders worldwide over the past several years, Peace and Sport calls on international decision-makers to use Sport as a tool for transmitting the values of peace.


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This year, the Peace and Sport International Forum will be held at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo: an iconic hôtel located in the heart of the Principality of Monaco between the Mediterranean Sea and the legendary Casino de Monte-Carlo.

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